Tips on Hiring the Right Plumber

Choosing a Plumbing Service Provider


A guide in getting a reliable and trustworthy plumber. (Photo Credits)

Getting a reliable and trustworthy plumber is a concern all homeowners should at least consider even before plumbing repairs or emergency arise. Find a Plumber Escondido

Modern Process Plumbing explains it is important that such a decision should not be made in haste.
“The first thing you need to do is not wait to choose a plumber. A lot of people wait until there is a catastrophic problem before calling a plumber in. The problem with that is that you have no time to find the best prices, the most qualified person or the person with the best customer service. If you are in a frenzied state and dealing with a crisis, you just want someone to come and fix it. That is how too many plumbers get business. You need to choose a plumber before you have an emergency.”

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Primary considerations in choosing a Plumber

Force10 Building Solutions also emphasized that a reliable plumber’s work is usually backed with a guarantee.

“A serious plumber will always be insured against bad workmanship and will always provide work guarantee.

Is your plumber providing you with work guarantee? What happens if your plumber goes out of business?

What happens if the work does not do the job and you have to start over?

Ask your plumber whether he or she is a member of a professional body and which one is it? If your plumber is also a heating engineer, make sure he or she is registered with Gas Safe. It is important to make sure your plumber is properly qualified. A properly qualified plumber is one who knows how things work and is going to want to build a relationship with you.”

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Expert Plumbing Services

AZ Family also reminds homeowners to always seek professional help no matter how challenging it may be to choose the right plumber.

“It doesn’t matter where you live or how nice a house you have, chances are you will one day need a plumber.

‘There are three different things that can break a plumbing system – age, debris and water quality,’ plumber Mark Felice explained. But choosing the right plumber to deal with those things can be a challenge”.

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How do you choose a plumber for your home?


Homemade Drain Cleaner

Make your own drain cleaner

Water in kitchen sink

Make your own drain cleaner with ingredients already available in the home. (Photo Credits)

For it to function efficiently, sink drains need care too.

Households do not have to spend a lot though on drain cleaners because this can in fact be home-made using ingredients that may already be in the pantry.

Country Living shared a DIY recipe.

“If you’re into “lazy” shortcuts when it comes to maintaining your home (and honestly, who isn’t?), then this drain-cleaning trick is for you. It takes about 15 seconds to clear away all of the gunk caught up in your pipe, and it’s an all-natural way to do it, too! So before you grab your car keys to head to the grocery store to spend $8 on a bottle of Drano, try this inexpensive trick from AWM that only requires ingredients you already have in your pantry—baking soda, white vinegar, and some hot water to finish it off.”

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Easy to make homemade drain cleaner

Houselogic also posted yet another easy to follow recipe. Escondido, CA Plumbing 

“Use 1/4 cup of the mixture for a small drain and 1/2 cup for a large drain. Put the dry mixture on top of the drain. Then slowly pour in two cups of boiling water. The mixture will foam and bubble while unplugging the drain. Get more details about the drain cleaner here.”

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Clean that drain

Handy and Homemade meantime shared a drain declogger recipe.

“If your drain is very clogged the first thing to try is a plunger of course.
If that fails here is a great all-natural homemade drain cleaner and de-clogger recipe.”

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What drain cleaner do you use?

Inspiring Kitchen Renovation Projects

Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

Kitchen Reno 2012 Completed

Remodeling the kitchen takes a lot of restructuring in the home. Even the plumbing fixtures, especially if it needs repair or upgrading.

And once a homeowner has decided on a renovation, the next thing to think about is how he would like the kitchen to look like. gave an inspiring idea to homeowners looking to remodel their home through a farmhouse kitchen remodel they featured recently.

“New kitchen designs sometime can be a little too cold, too impersonal and stark, but if done right, a new kitchen means that you finally have the chance to add all of the personal touches that you and your family deserve. Designed by Connecticut Stone, this farmhouse kitchen went through a big renovation. New cabinets, counters, backsplash and lighting were installed but the homeowners maintained the original hardwood floors since they were in good condition.”

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Design Ideas

A common concern is the budget for renovation, and Maison de Pax gave tips on that.

“Look for stock, basic updates you can make. Remember the before?  Our previous pantry door was a louvered bifold mess.  Thankfully, it is a standard sized opening, so for $32, we were able to get a new, basic door from the local big box store.  A couple of hinges and a new handle, and we were set.”

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Common mistakes

Martha Stewart meantime warned homeowners of common renovation mistakes that are usually made. Plumbing in Escondido   

“Renovating or remodeling your kitchen is a big project with a lot of variables to consider. Avoid these common design and remodel mistakes, and you’ll be sure to have the kitchen of your dreams.”

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Are you dreaming of remodeling your kitchen?